Windows significantly contribute to the reduction of energy costs in buildings and make it possible to meet statutory regulations on heat protection. This is possible due to good thermal insulation and high tightness.

However, something more needs to be expected from modern windows. To prevent the formation of mold in the interior of buildings, a constant air exchange is necessary.

GECCO ventilation system

The GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) ventilation system prevents the formation of mold fungi as it ensures constant basic ventilation. Caring for controlled air exchange also helps to save energy.

GECCO is small and works independently. At a higher wind, the small damper closes the ventilation duct and when the wind stops the flap opens and the external and internal air is exchanged.

For profile systems S 3000 and S 8000 IQ with resistance sealing, a completely new form of the ventilation flap is designed. The individual solution, called GECCO 3, can be installed in the already built windows from GEALAN profiles, it also fits all existing profiles systems with resistance sealing on the market.

GECCO 3 GECCO 3 open and closed