Thanks to the new PRO SYNEGO windows, your home will become an oasis of warmth, peace and security. Compared to the current window standard, PRO SYNEGO provides up to 50% better thermal insulation *. Thanks to this, you will significantly reduce your heating bills and discover the new comfort of living.

  • You save energy due to high thermal insulation of windows.
  • Enjoy the silence thanks to the best sound insulation.
  • You are safe thanks to individual anti-burglar protection solutions.
  • You can create windows of various shapes and colors.
  • You have flash windows thanks to the unique HDF formula – High Definition Finishing.
  • You make a responsible contribution to environmental protection.

* standard windows with the coefficient Uw = 1.36 W / m²K; SYNEGO windows with the Uw value = 0.66 W / m²K

PRO110 Synego
PRO110 Synego
PRO120 Synego
PRO120 Synego

Check what is inside the PRO SYNEGO profiles

• profile depth 80 mm – for narrow proportions with high thermal protection parameters
• low 117 mm folds – for more light in the room
• space for glazing up to 51 mm – for using triple warm insulated glass
• 7 chambers in the frame, 6 chambers in the wing – for high thermal insulation
• envelope seals – for reliable protection against drafts and moisture
• optional, third sealing surface (middle gasket) – for even better protection against heat loss