The system of fire doors and walls is designed to make internal and external fire partitions in fire resistance class EI15 to EI60 and smoke tightness class Sa , Sm.

These structures may have maximum dimensions of 1400×2500 (for single leaf doors) and 2500×2500 (for double leaf doors).

PRO ALU AF78 EI system is characterized by a very low value of the heat transfer coefficient – thanks to the use of special, profiled thermal separators and gaskets. The system has two types of fireproof fillings: gypsum boards and innovative aluminosilicate fillings.

The range of glazing in the system is from 8 to 49 mm.

Characteristics of PRO ALU AF78 EI

  • close interconnection with other Aluprof systems
  • flush-mounted door leaves
  • possibility of making smoke-proof constructions
  • possibility of making arched structures
  • two types of fireproof inserts: gypsum inserts and innovative aluminosilicate inserts
  • maximum dimensions of single leaf doors 1400×2500
  • maximum dimensions of double-leaf doors 2500×2500
    use of 8-49 mm thick fillings