HKS doors are an alternative to traditional double-leaf balconies.

Their special fittings allow you to tilt the window and move its entire plane on the rails along the opening.

HKS doors are an ideal structural solution in places where the use of other solutions is not possible (an open door leaf does not take up the space of the interior of the house).

HKS is the perfect solution for optimal use of space.

This system makes it possible to tilt and move the sash up to 1800mm wide, creating a 1.7m passage light. Thanks to the large glass surface, the interior is filled with light and acquires a unique character.

Characteristics of the HKS system

  • possibility of making frame and sash profiles in various combinations
  • transition light up to 1700mm thanks to the raised wing
  • the possibility of using wings weighing up to 200 kg.
  • the possibility of using automatic fittings that support opening and closing the door