Blinds effectively protect against cold, help to avoid high insolation, allow to reduce the costs associated with heating the apartment in winter, allow you to maintain privacy. These are just some of the advantages of having a home roller shutter.

External blinds are offered in various types, forms and dozens of colors. We can choose between awning, exterior or RKS – lintel roller blinds. Their selection depends mainly on your imagination and preferences. They can be assembled in a house built, modernized, already built, in a typical and unusual window, big or small.

For many people, their basic advantage is the protection of windows against vandalism and burglary, but we can achieve full protection against such situations by installing certified anti-burglary roller blinds. In contrast, ordinary (but also anti-burglary) well protect windows against heat escape (it is possible to reduce its losses by nearly 40%) and protect against noise and excessive solar radiation. PVC blinds are the most common – light and inexpensive, but less durable than other materials – and aluminum profiles – quite light, durable and at a moderate price. The main part of the blind (called a coat or armor) is made of horizontal slats (profiles) connected on the edges by hooks. This movable connection allows winding the roller shutter onto the shaft hidden in the cassette. The roller shutter armor moves along the window opening on PVC or aluminum guides.

Ways of winding the roller blind – manually and automatically.

Winding the blind’s sleeve on the shaft can be done manually by means of a cable, belt or crank and mechanically – using an electric motor. The first two methods are suitable for small aluminum blinds in a light or PVC version.

The manual drive is offered as standard equipment for small, light blinds. The crank is necessary for blinds, the surface of which is 3m2 or more. It should also be mounted when we have a high window.

The electric drive is an additional and expensive equipment; raises the price of the blind two or three times. It is recommended for heavy blinds, with an area of ​​more than 3m2. Already at the stage of building a house, you need to know whether you will want to install electrically operated blinds, because you have to properly distribute the electrical installation. If the purchase of an electric drive and proper installation is too high, it is worth installing such blinds, which you can connect it later, or install a radio receiver in each blind.

PROFITECH blinds thanks to specially selected raw materials and strictly defined parameters are resistant to the influence of external factors, including atmospheric ones.