Systems of aluminum fire construction allow for the construction of various elements of the fire zones and guarantee in the event of a fire appropriate safety conditions and evacuation of endangered persons.
The scope of the above solutions includes products that are structurally related to a group of window and door systems as well as those that are based on façade post and beam systems. Resistance to fire of this type of construction is in classes from EI15 to EI120 and EW30 depending on the requirements for the structure.
In addition, these structures may have a smoke-tightness class Sa, Sm.

Fireproof structures are compatible with the basic versions.
Aluminum systems have been designed for fire divisions that can be used both outside and inside buildings.

Their construction is based on elements of a thermo-insulated system.
Thanks to this solution, we can offer doors, walls and facades that meet the strict fire resistance criteria, while maintaining very good thermal insulation.

Standard system profiles are used in structural elements PRO ALU AF60E EI with a construction depth of 60mm and the system PRO ALU AF78 EI with 78mm construction depth PRO ALU AF118 EI with a design depth of 118mm. and facade systems.

In the aluminum sections, there are insulating fireproof inserts made of plasterboard type F and silicate and cement boards. On the perimeter of panes, frames and door leaves, intumescent inserts in the form of strips are placed. The swing door leaves, depending on the type, are sealed with an external / internal sealing gasket and corner gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber and brush seals.

The wide range of glazing slats and the depth of the structure allows the installation of fillings with a thickness of 5 mm (single glazing) up to 49 mm (glazing units and opaque panels up to EI 60 inclusive) up to 84 mm (in EI 120 class).

Special fire-resistant glazing, economical reinforced glass, as well as non-transparent panels (steel sheets filled with gypsum-card panels type F) can be used to fill the structure.

Steel elements made of stainless steel are used to fasten fillings within internal and external walls.

We produce fire protection joinery based on the Technical Approval.
We have our own certificate issued by the Certification Department „CERTBUD” Sp. with o.o