The system is designed for making winter gardens and other spatial constructions. The roof slope structure of the system can be made with the use of facade sections based on PRO60 WG ALU system sections.

The whole structure can be based on façade posts, posts from window and door systems, as well as on PRO60 WG ALU reinforced system posts.

The roof rafter system enables the use of standard glazing beads from window and door systems. Elements of the roof slope are fixed by means of a hinged connection on the wall beam and by means of system fittings on the eaves beam with the system eaves gutter.

The roof system is fully compatible with the sliding and window and door systems available in Aluprof’s offer.

Characteristics PRO60 WG ALU

  • allows you to combine PRO60 WG ALU system profiles with other window and door systems: PRO45 ALU, PRO59 ALU HS, PRO70 ALU, PRO70 ALU HI, PRO77 ALU HS, etc.
  • enables the creation of very complex and complicated structures (the „articulated” system used in the elements of the eaves beam and the wall beam allows for rotation of the roof plane within the range of 5 to 45 degrees of inclination with respect to the level)
  • the solutions applied facilitate the prefabrication of profiles