Material blinds are the simplest form of room protection against excessive sunlight. Universal mounting brackets allow you to mount the roller blinds to the wall, ceiling, recess or directly to the window frame. A variety of ways to finish the blinds allows them to fit into any space.

Free hanging

System ø 25 – modern design, assembly on the window sash or on the wall
System ø 32 – strong mechanism, suitable for larger size blinds, wall mounting


Internal cassette roller blinds perfectly protect the room from excessive sun. Guides limit the penetration of sunlight on the sides of the blind. The cassette blind is a non-invasive system, glued to the window frame. This system is highly appreciated, thanks to its universal assembly technology that allows you to glue the blind on different types of windows. Cassette roller blinds are available in white and brown and three wood-like versions: walnut, golden oak, mahogany.