To meet the construction aspirations of various European markets, a new sliding window and door system has been developed to be combined with simple sliding fittings.
The constructions are based on the S 3000 system, so you can use many under-sill and additional profiles from this system. Special stiffeners in the door.

Advantages of the system of light sliding windows and doors:

  • Can be combined with many under-sill and additional profiles from the S 3000 system
  • Adapted to simple sliding fittings
  • Available in all GEALAN veneers
Profile 3-chamber system of sliding windows
Glass Glass 4/16/4 U=1.0 W/m2K PN-EN 674:1999
Fittings Trolleys on wheelsets allow for convenient operation, light work of sliding wings
Colours A wide range of colored and wood-like veneers.
Additional info SF windows are used as subdivision windows inside buildings. Due to the brush seal, they perfectly fulfill their function in Mediterranean construction, where the average temperature does not require too high thermal insulation parameters.