PRO510, PRO520

Windows from the S 8000 IQ plus system impress with their appearance, rounded contours and shape that stands out from other window systems. Choosing windows for a modernly designed house, it is impossible to ignore the latest generation of S 8000 IQ plus profiles. In addition to the GEALAN engineering department, a team of stylists was also involved in the design process, and the effect of their work is evident in the profile architecture. The door frame, sash and glazing bead are a perfect reflection of the full-scale aesthetics and emphasize individuality and passion for detail. Due to its unique width of 83 mm, the six-chamber system has very good thermal insulation properties, which significantly reduces heating costs. The considerable width also ensures increased strength of the corners, and thus guarantees greater window stability. Smooth inside groove of the frame has no edges on which dust and dust could collect, so cleaning the window is not a problem. The installation of the GECCO patented ventilation system (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) actively prevents the formation of mold in the window frames.
PRO510 / PRO520
Profile 6-chamber, classic, simple shapes. Installation depth 83 mm. External seals, flat water shelf.
Glass It is possible to use a 4/18/4/18/4 package U = 0.5 W / m2K and other variants e.g. protection against burglary, noise or sun
Fittings SELF-REGULATING fittings equipped with anti-burglary catches, give the possibility of tilt grading in each operating sash
Colours A wide range of coloured and wood-like veneers.
Additional info Excellent thermal insulation. Among the solutions available in Europe, the window has the highest static parameters, which affects the possibility of making the largest overall dimensions. External sealing makes it very easy to keep windows clean. Especially in wood-like colors, the window perfectly imitates the style of a wooden window.