Based on the PRO ALU AF78 EI system, a solution of translucent fire walls is available. No-mullion walls, fire resistance class EI30, EI60. I

t allows the construction of internal partitions without visible vertical profiles separating individual wall modules, while maintaining its full fire resistance. The gap between the glass panes is only 4 mm and is filled with fireproof intumescent material and non-flammable silicone. Silicone is available in three colors (black, gray or white).

Fire partitions made of it can reach a height of 3.6 m; and the width of the modules can reach up to 1.5 m in them.

Thanks to transparent modules, constructions made of this system allow for optical enlargement of the building interior. At the same time, the system ensures security by allowing fire zones to be organized in buildings and guaranteeing appropriate conditions for evacuating people.

As part of the silent walls there is also a version with profiles built into the floor, walls and ceiling. Hidden wall mounting then strengthens the effect of optical enlargement of the interior of the room while maintaining its full fire protection.

The muntin-free walls system allows free design and construction of very large internal surfaces of partition walls