Aluminium mullion and transom systems are used for fire protection of curtain and filling walls in fire resistance class EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60.

Both these systems are technologically and functionally interconnected, the main difference between them is the shape and depth of the profiles. It is possible to select the profiles of the columns and transoms in such a way that the surface of the columns and transoms is flush with the internal side of the façade.

This gives the façade a uniform view of the truss. It is also possible to choose such a system that allows to make curtain and filling walls of fire resistance class EI30 and EI60, whose characteristic feature is the appearance of the facade, which is devoid of visible aluminum elements.

It is also possible to install doors and fire windows of the PRO ALU AF78 EI system with the fire resistance of the entire structure in EI 30 or EI 60 classes.

Fire resistant single or double glass is used for facades, and the system of fixing the fillings allows the use of glass with a thickness of up to 56 mm.  Steel accessories, special screws and swelling tapes protect the structure against the effects of high temperature. Inside the profiles fireproof fillings type GKF or CI (fire resistance in classes EI 15 to EI 60).  The internal core of the aluminium profile ensures the durability of the structure during a fire.

In order to achieve optimal thermal and acoustic insulation in the structure, a continuous HPVC thermal break and profiled EPDM glass gaskets are used.  The pressure strip is attached to the supporting sections by means of a screw and a stainless steel washer. Such a glazing system ensures achievement of appropriate technical parameters of the facade and protects glass or other fillings against falling out of the frame during a fire.

The system is classified as non fire spreading (NRO).