Awnings are used to shade large areas: terrace, garden, shop and catering points.

They have the option of manual and electrical control (also on a remote control).

Electric drives help in handling the coating extension. Emergency winding motors allow you to safely roll the awning with a hand crank in the event of a power outage (pre-storm situations, high winds, etc.).

Awning cover is made of fabric impregnated with a protective agent – Teflon.

Thanks to the impregnation of both sides of the fabric, they become somewhat waterproof materials.

The impregnation prevents dirt from sticking and allows you to easily remove dirt using water and a soap solution. After washing the awning, rinse it thoroughly. Do not use solvents or strong water pressure (karcher), as protective agents may be flushed out and the material will lose its properties.

Awning fabrics are available in rich colors and various designs. The construction of terrace awnings is made of aluminum elements designed by leading European companies.